Now all movable or resizable panels can be saved. This is done per page, so you can for example iconize some panels and set another one in bigger size, for example to read a big table.

You can save/restore up to 3 desktops per page, all the informations will be store in your browser.

All the job is made in the new rollmenu page, adapt rollmenu.html/rollmenu.js to your needs.

Since panels can be iconized, the new features is able to save these icons too ! That means if you iconify a panel and save the desktop, you will recover a hidden panel but the icon ready to be double-clicked 😉

A bit complicated because when recovering the informations from your localstorage, the jQuery events have to be set back the same way they were before, so you can still move the icon and double-click on it to reopen the panel. Interesting to do .. 😉