Rows and cells are very important for your app to be sure it’ll be responsive.

And they are really easy to manage, there are really few things to know. Many framework or JS tools provide hundred classes as row-md-2 or col-md-6 and so on, well since we are all different, better let programmer choose with simple CSS width 😉

<div class="ClassRow">
    <div class="ClassCell" style="width:20%">
        blabla .. default alignement on left
    <div class="ClassEmptyCell" style="width:1%">
    <div class="ClassCellCenter" style="width:19%">
        blabla .. alignement on center
    <div class="ClassCell" style="width:60%">
        blabla ..
<div class="ClassRowThin">
  row with less vertical padding

Cells are supposed without any border, so when using 2 or more cells in a row they will be side by side.

Refer to html/cyjsui.hml which contain many examples. If for example you’d need 2 separated bordered columns, you can simply set a border and margin on both columns with same width … Easy, and nothing else to know than HTML/CSS 😉

When using ClassCell class, cells default alignment is left, use ClassCellCenter if you need center alignment.