CYJS is responsive, works on all platforms.

Except maybe on Internet Explorer, sorry about that, the regulars will understand ..:(

The responsiveness is automatically managed, and window resizing too.

CYJS tries to display the best he can depending or your browser width.

CYJS by default will display the sidemenu on all browser having 800px width at least.

On others browsers, or when resizing the window smaller than 800px, the sidemenu will automatically vanish and then will be accessible via the burger menu icon on top left.

Once the sidemenu is hidden, clicking on the burger menu icon will open it over your app, that’s very useful for small screens when you have a lot of data to show.

That burger menu icon can also be clicked to manage the sidemenu display : one click to reduce it, another click to hide it completely, or double-click to reset sidemenu default. Note that forcing manual window resizing will also reset everything to defaults.

The sidemenu width can also be manually set by dragging the slider – which can be hidden if you need

In all cases, font size is automatically adapted, proportionnal sizes are used everywhere.

The sidemenu can also be managed by your app with CYOpenSideMenu() function.