A CYJS app is based on an HTML structure defined in index.html

An id is affected to each section.

Everything can be tuned according to your needs of course, for example changing height of header and footer will be easy to do, or fonts height. Only few things, like the sidemenu position, would be difficult to change, for example if you’d like it from right to left rather left to right. Professional apps as Outlook and many others  have defined for a long time our habits. CYJS just tries to fit these common habits to help end users to easily learn a CYJS app.

Workspace IDs

Each section is automatically handled by the framework, but you can always decide to override defaults.

You can refer to myfirstpage.js file to have an idea about how to interract with the framework using jQuery.

You can easily customize the sidemenu, just update both html/sidemenu.html and js/sidemenu.js files.

Same for right usermenu, use html/usermenu.html and js/usermenu.js files.

But if you like the framework as itself and you want to keep concentrated for your own app, well you’ll just have to create a page as described in introduction section – myfirstpage -, doing that way ill automatically put you app inside IDmain part.