CYJS framework use few conventions.

The goal is most to avoid mismatch with your own work and others plugins.

All id used by CYJS framework begin with ID in uppercase, as IDheader.

All classes begin with Class with upper beginning C, as ClassRow.

All CYJS framework functions begin with CY in uppercase, as CYLoadPage().

All internal Javascript var names begin with cy in lowercase, as cyLang.

Only the CyInit_mypage() is different : it begins with Cy : that one will be the function name you’ll have to use to initialise a page called mypage. Since it is a function you’ll have to write, it is not really part of the framework, however it is necessary to work with.

All CYJS style are defined in CYJS/css/style.css. If you need custom CSS, simply use css/custom.css to override anything.

You can set all your global JS vars in js/config.js which is loaded before any of your own js files.